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October Coffee Subscription & Fall Flavor Recipes

It's officially fall and we're SO excited to try out some new coffee recipes and share them with you. We'd love to hear about your favorite fall beverages so drop us a comment!

For this month's box, we travelled all the way to Santa Barbara, CA to meet the wonderful team at Handlebar Coffee Roasters. They mainly roast coffees from Central & South America, as well as Africa. You'll find the coffee descriptions below along with some special fall recipes!

Gold bag: Gibraltar Seasonal Espresso Blend

  • Roast: Medium

  • Blend: 45% Guatemala, 45% Honduras, 10% Ethiopia (Natural)

  • Process: Washed, Natural

  • Flavor Notes: Syrupy, Sweet, Well Balanced

Silver bag: Costa Rica, Olman Vargas

  • Roast: Light-Medium

  • Process: Natural

  • Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Raspberry, Butter Cream

Copper bag: Guatemala, Bella Carmona

  • Roast: Medium

  • Process: Washed

  • Flavor Notes: Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Nectarine

Fall Flavor Recipes: Brew your coffee as usual and play with these fun flavor recipes!

Gingerbread Spice

Experiment with a blend of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cloves to make a wonderful spiced beverage! Add some sugar or honey to sweeting it up a bit.

Salted Maple

Get some high end maple syrup and add a sprinkle of sea salt to make this unique flavor. Our favorite way to use this recipe is with French Press coffee and oat milk.

Vanilla Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice that most people would not think to pair with coffee, but it's a real treat! It can be a very strong flavor so we recommend using just a sprinkle of cardamom with some vanilla syrup.

Honey Pumpkin Spice

This is one of our super easy go-tos during the fall season. Grab a jar of pumpkin spice from the store and add about a teaspoon to your coffee with some honey melted in as well.

We hope you have fun playing with these flavors! Drop us a comment if you have any questions or other recipe ideas. Happy Fall!

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