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How to use a Moka Pot

What is a Moka Pot, you ask? Good question!

A Moka Pot is an Italian stovetop espresso maker that comes in various sizes. To get the most consistent results when brewing your morning coffee in a Moka pot, make sure your beans are ground correctly. You’ll want to aim for grounds that are coarser than what you would need for an espresso machine, but finer than what you scoop into a drip coffee maker.

Step 1: Grind the beans

Grind your favorite coffee beans to a fine consistency. The grounds should be a little larger than table salt.

Step 2: Boil the water

Boil water in the bottom portion of the pot. Be sure only to add water to the fill line and no higher. The fill line is just under the pressure release valve (also called a safety valve). This valve needs to be clear in order to release steam as pressure builds.

Step 3: Add grounds to filter

Once the water is just boiling, turn off the heat. Put coffee grounds in the middle portion of the pot that looks similar to a funnel. Don’t tamp the grounds down, but do level the grounds off. Gently drop the filter into the bottom of the pot.

Quick Tip: While it might be easier to assemble the whole Moka Pot (grounds in filter, cold water and top twisted on) and boil fully assembled, this will result in bitter coffee. Allowing the water to boil first and then adding the grounds, means the grounds haven’t spent time heating up. The heating time is what will make your coffee taste bitter (like having stronger tea the longer you steep the leaves).

Step 4: Add pot back to heat

Hold the bottom portion of the pot with a towel (no burnt hands in this kitchen!) and twist the top of the Moka Pot on. Immediately move the pot to a burner set at medium heat, and wait until the coffee begins to pour up and out. Make sure the lid is propped open so you can see when the coffee starts to brew.

Step 5: Remove the pot from the burner

As soon as you hear a gurgling sound, shut the lid and remove the pot from the burner. You can place the pot on a trivet, or run the bottom of the pot under cold water to stop the brewing process.

Step 6: Serve

Pour coffee into an espresso cup if drinking black. Pour into a larger coffee mug if you like to add water for Americanos or frothed milk for lattes.

What are some of your favorite espresso recipes? Share in the comments!

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