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About Us

Coffee. Community. Connection.

At Daily Brew, our mission is to bring people together. It’s easy to get carried away in the day to day of our lives and forget to take a step back to enjoy the small moments. That’s why we’ve created a simple solution for you:

Share a cup of coffee with someone special.

Daily Brew, based in San Diego, California, is owned and operated by Wes and Amanda Trevino. We started as a pop-up coffee shop serving at farmers markets and employee/member appreciation events, and have since transitioned to hosting virtual coffee tastings. No matter what is happening in our world, our goal stays the same. Now more than ever, we all crave human connection and Daily Brew can help.

About: About

Meet the Team


Rachita Habbu


Rachita Habbu is from Cupertino, California and has just completed her BFA degree in Graphic Design, Advertising, and Motion Graphics at The School of Visual Arts. She has had the privelage of studying with and receiving guidance from some of the most talented graphic designers in New York. Most of her work is heavily based on branding, typographic solutions, and motion graphics.



Jackie Cohen


Jackie Cohen first got into photography when driving solo through all 50 states. Once the camera was in her hands, she couldn’t put it down. She fell in love with all different types of photography and specializes in landscape, product, still life, and anything involving animals.



Gabby Singh


Gabby Singh was born and raised in Southern California and moved to San Diego County a few years ago in search of new opportunities and adventures. When she’s not studying the latest trends or trying new things, she can be found exploring San Diego and supporting local businesses. She recently graduated from CSU San Marcos and is excited to apply her psychology degree in marketing.


About: Team

Wes & Amanda Trevino


Wes & Amanda started Daily Brew in 2019. Amanda has a background in corporate event planning and was a barista for 7 years. Wes is a Marine Corps veteran and software engineer who helps out on the business side of things for Daily Brew.

They love to travel, play video games, and of course, have the occasional cup of coffee.

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